Condition based maintenance is now accepted as one of the most cost-effective strategies to combat machine breakdown, if profitability is key to manufacturing success, one of its keys is machine reliability, machines are designed to run at optimum levels to produce maximum volume but no machine runs forever and breakdown is inevitable, whilst maintenance forecasting is critical & its accuracy is crucial.  

Unlike traditional used oil analysis with its incomplete wear metals profile and limited information on machine condition, Spaaj’ Condition Monitoring is a particle analysis service that uses analytical calculations to determine the exact nature of all particles present thus you can act promptly to avoid breakdowns or unplanned maintenance and maintain optimum profitability.  

By monitoring many different indicators, sampling provides accurate condition trending, providing the earliest warning of potential component failure in oil lubricated machinery and pinpointing specific failing components.  

Spaaj’s analytical tests reveal trends about the condition of the machine and its components, allowing the purchase of components and scheduling of repairs. This allows maintenance to be scheduled without loss of production or subsequent profit loss.  

The key to providing a successful maintenance forecasting service is the skill and experience of the analysts performing the tests, Spaaj has dedicated analysts who perform the monitoring job and thus has helped industries minimize maintenance costs and maximize plant profitability.