We started our operations back in 2003 with the name Spaaj International.
In the very beginning we started our business with sales of Asbestos, ETP Chemicals, and Solvents etc.   During the span of 15 years we emerged as a leading brand who has association with many top class MNC's.   In the year 2011 we converted our firm to a PVT LTD company i.e. Spaaj Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd.
The company is now a huge gateway where you can find all the relevant industrial products & even services, our business focuses primarily on Preventive and Productive maintenance products and services in a great way to supplement our customer’s internal maintenance efforts.   We have Bolting with Hydraulic Torque Wrench’s & Bolt Tensioners, Heavy Hydraulic Lifting, Rental Hydraulics, Girth Gear Condition Monitoring, Oil Injection and others as our line of globally industrially offered Services. 

We not only Sale

We not only sale we are consultants as well, always believing in providing better after sales services to customers and are on the same pathsince our inception.   We intend to provide our customers with best experience from beginning to end, with smart, easy- to- follow instructions, best and secure products, quality and delivery.   Our company equips you with full service comfort, friendly staff, best products, and the best prices that give you an experience which will leave you fully satisfied both inside and out. 

Expert Advisore

T he customer centric company is led by Mr. Pawan Jhanwar [Chairperson Spaaj Group] who has a thorough knowledge & experience of industries and market.  It is the knowledge of individuals such as Mr. Pawan that forms the base of our successful endeavors& excellence which is been recognized and awarded since the years We have personals who are very good communicators and attends every customer with immense pleasure.  

Expert Sales / Service Team

W e have a dedicated and trained sales and service team the membershaving years of experience of working on filed in every industry and in every atmosphere are always ready to serve customers with immense perfection and great concentration, thus reducing your downtime.   We inspires our employees to be the best they can be, we engage in sustainable practices & anticipate the needs of our customers while still maintaining quality in our products & services.   Our expert engineers who are always ready to extend support at your doorsteps are just a call away.  

Product Range

We currently have Hydraulics, Lifting & Material Handling Systems, Pneumatic, Mechanical And Hand Tools, Fall Protection Equipment, Pneumatic Breakers.   Pumps, Valves & Equipments, Silent Gensets, Sockets & Reducers, Lubricants etc.   as our line of products.   We associate with top class brands which are world renowned this ensures the quality & reliability of products supplied by us.   We undertake assurance of best quality in workmanship, design and material in each product developed by us.  

SPAAJ Management Team Leadership Begins With Dynamic Thinkers

Mr. Pawan Jhanwar

Chairperson of Spaaj Group

He has a vast experience of industries, products, market & other relevant things and has been in the field from a long time.  
Under his guidence the group has emerged to such a huge structure and wishes many more to achieve & grow.  

Mr. Abhinav Jhanwar

Director of Spaaj Group

Having a good knowledge of business, market, strategy etc.   He is currently looking on the overall management & business development for the organisation.  

SPAAJ Advantage & Vision

We are the trusted brand in market.   We not only sell we even service, our ultimate motive is customer satisfaction.   Requirements are always analyzed keeping in mind as to what best can be provided& how productive will it be.   Our expert advisors are always ready with new & innovative solutions which enhances productivity, our after sales strategy is designed in such a way that it supplements our sales and creates customer faith.   We work on a solution based practice, it is our policy that a customer's should never leave empty handed i.e. without a solution.  
We have a vide range of services in our scope which is the essential requirement of many industries, the perfectionwe show and quality we have in ourservices and products has made us on the top of all.   We are in association with many top class brands of world, this ensures nothing but the best comes to you weather it is product, service or solution.   Recently we have moved into our own line of production with launch of Digital Manual Torque Wrenches, Sockets & Reducers, Hand Tools and many more coming soon.  

Spaaj's vision is to continuously improve all in aspects in which we operate our vision is put into action through programs & activities, and a commitment to build customer relationship which makes Spaaj a truly sustainable company.   Our vision is to be the world’s customers centric company where people can come to find and discover products,service, solution which they might want to go for.  
We believe that we are here to provide great products, services & solutions, our constant focus is on innovation we believe in simple not the complex this enable us to participate in markets through which we can make a significant contribution & markeable presence.   We don’t settle for anything less than excellencein every assignment we believe in deep collaboration with out associates & customers which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot.