Products for every industry Cement, Railway, Mining, Industrial Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Aerospace, Shipping, Oil & Gas etc.  

With roots dating back more than 15 years and as part of the growing industry, Spaaj is a trusted leader with a reputation for exceptional quality.   Our core business lies in developing, producing, distributing & repairing of high-quality industrial tools for every industry, thus providing&equipping industries with affordable access to quality products and services worldwide.  

Throughout the development and production processes, our products are required to adhere to the best rigorous standards of quality, safety and efficiency, standards are closely monitored and enforced both prior to and post product approval.   Production plants / machinery’s are thus regularly inspected to ensure that they are and remain CGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant, while marketed products are regularly monitored to ensure continuous quality standards.  

SPAAJ has become a leader in specialty industrial tools &technologies by providing highly productive and cost-effective methods to various industries for nearly 15 years, with an emphasis on continuous improvement and innovation, SPAAJ has earned an international reputation for reliable quality products.   Spaaj manufactures & distributes a full line of world-class industrial tools for every type of industry.  

Every tool is manufactured / distributed based on extensive testing, detailed industry application analysis, and innovative design from our engineering staff, with technical expertise in multiple industries.   We offer superior products at a competitive price, resulting in a superior market image, every tool is tested and calibrated for unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability.  

Our commitmentis to deliver superior quality products to meet your requirement and budget.   While the work is critical, our sales team has the knowledge and experience to find the right solution for your torque or tensioning application.   We provide controlled bolting training on site, product support, excellent customer service, calibration and tool repair.