SPAAJ has become a leader in specialty industrial services & technologies by providing highly productive and cost-effective methods to various industries for nearly 15 years. With an emphasis on continuous improvement and innovation, SPAAJ has earned an international reputation for reliable quality services. Our dedicated technicians have experience in the cement, mining, power generation, steel, natural gas transmission, petrochemical, offshore & aerospace industries etc. We have become a growing leader by providing the world’s most efficient line of services with industrial bolting solutions, induction bolting, heavy lifting, girth gear condition monitoring, repair & maintenance, oil injection etc. and combining the innovation and experience required by the industry.  

SPAAJ offers convenience for all your industrial needs.   Whether it is experienced on-site, personnel or technical support, product purchases, calibration, or rental tools, our professional staff is ready to meet your dynamic industrial requirements around the clock.   Offering a full line of world-class industrial service for every type of application, for years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services.  No matter what service issue you're facing, we have the tools, equipment, services, and support to offer you a superior quality solution.  

SPAAJ is committed to delivering superior bolting solutions to meet your timing and budget requirements. When the work is critical, our service team has the knowledge and experience to find the right solution.   We provide training on site, product support, excellent customer service, calibration and tool repair.