Spaaj'S Bolting Solutions cater to the complete bolting work-flow, ensuring joint integrity and safety in applications throughout industry.
Spaaj is one of the leading brands in Bolting services, our trained and dedicated teams of service professionals are fully equipped with knowledge and practical implications, we have all the required tools & tackles to offer a complete and comprehensive service / solution.
We offer bolting services with products which provides precise & effective force to make work more productive, safer, and easier to perform

Controlled Tightening / Loosening
Bolts must be tightened / loosened to the correct force to prevent failure in service, the accurate application of load to an assembly is critical to achieving joint integrity. .  
Spaaj’s Bolting solutions provide a comprehensive range of applied force controlled tightening / loosening options best matched to your application.  
Spaaj offers a variety of Controlled Tightening / Loosening Solutions to best meet the requirements of your application, our service products range from Mechanical Torque Multipliers to Hydraulically Driven Wrenches and from Low Profile Cassettes to Inter-Connectable Bolt Tensioning Tools. We offer the services you need for accurate tightening of multiple bolts.